We feel that it is important to support a variety of charities and give back to the local community.

Over the years we have raised funds for several charities and local causes. This includes £5000 raised for an outboard motor and a further £1800 for tandem kayaks for the QE2 Centre, which is a Charity for young people with learning difficulties.

We also raised £200 to repair the cover of Botley School swimming pool and £100 to Hedge End in Bloom which is run by a group of ladies who keep Hedge Ends borders planted with flowers. We have also supported Football and Toast which is a weekly event for local youngsters.

We are very grateful to our members who are incredibly supportive and feel passionate about raising funds for good causes. If you have a charity that you feel we could support, get in contact to find out how we could help.

Public Access Defibrillator in memory of Claire Reed, outside of Southern Parishes Conservative Club
SPCC Hedge End Charity Evening

Public Access Defibrillator in memory of Claire Reed

Most recently, we raised just over £2000 to buy a Public Access Defibrillator in memory of Claire Reed, who sadly lost her life at the young age of 22 to Young Adult Death Syndrome.

Claire, who had only been married for 5 months, was a regular at the gym and enjoyed kickboxing. Yet whilst away of a friend’s hen party celebration, she complained of feeling unwell and tragically died in hospital. Claire, who was the daughter to Graham and Anne, brother to Pete, wife to Andy and friend to many, may have had her life saved by a Defibrillator Machine.

In memory of Claire, we raised funds to buy a public access defibrillator that is positioned on the outside of the building. The defibrillator is accessible to the community and can be used by anyone who is trying to save the life of a person experiencing cardiac arrest.

Over the course of a few months, our members were incredibly supportive in helping us to raise the funds that we needed to buy the equipment. We held a St Patrick’s themed Race Night on the 15th March 2019 where we raised a whopping £1400! Members enjoyed the evening and showed their support by taking part in the races, buying raffle tickets and placing bids on two Saints football shirts, donated by Barry Wales and Southampton football player Matt Target. We were also lucky to receive support from local businesses including Dominos Hedge End, Nandos Whiteley as well as Wagamama Whiteley, who all kindly donated raffle prizes as well as an Irish dancing group who put on a fantastic performance.

The remaining funds will go into Southern Parishes Charity account founded and run by some members of the SPCC, where they can be used for the next charity event in December.

Wacky Races Charity Event Southern Parishes Conservative Club