Coronavirus Update & Re-Opening

We look forward to welcoming members back into the club on Saturday 4th July. Before your visit, we kindly ask that you take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the guidelines that we will be following for the foreseeable future. 


Southern Parishes Conservative Club is a member’s club, run by members, for the benefit of members.

Licensed premises have been closed for many months, but the government has announced that we can now re-open subject to following and abiding by stringent health and safety guidance.

The committee wants to welcome the members back to your club and requests that you adhere to the following instructions for the safety of every member, customer, and staff.

First and foremost, the most basic and important rule for the prevention of spreading a virus is cleanliness. The thorough washing of hands is proven to be the most effective way of stopping the virus spreading. Therefore, everybody entering the club on any occasion will be required to use the supplied hand sanitiser.

The club will continue to maintain a 1 metre plus social distancing rule wherever possible.

Entry to the club

To provide reassurance to members and to encourage you to feel safe on your return, entry to the club at this stage will be restricted to bona fide members only. Guests of members will not be permitted during this initial phase of re-opening.

  1. Entrance to the club will be on production of membership card only through the main door.


  1. A register of those visiting will be kept daily by the bar staff. This register needs to be available to the NHS for up to 21 days. If someone who has attended our premises confirms with CoVid 19 then the NHS has the ability to inform everyone else who attended that day.


  1. Persons entering the club will be required to cleanse their hands at point of entry using the hand sanitiser.


  1. Members children will be welcome, but they must be supervised at all times and follow the same rules, they must be sat at tables.


  1. The wearing of face coverings is encouraged but not compulsory.


  1. Pets will not be allowed within the premises until further notice.


Exit from the club

To maintain a one-way system and to assist the staff with who is entering, members are required to exit via the door in the Bridget Hill Suite and not through the main entrance. This includes those wishing to exit to smoke.



The government social distancing requirements are persons must be 1 metre apart. Additionally, for licensed premises, all customers must be seated and not standing when consuming drinks inside the club. We will follow the guidance and can seat 30 persons at the required social distance within the club. We can seat a further 30 persons outside of the club and of course, you are welcome to stand and drink outside respecting the social distancing rule.

This simply means that on entering the club members must find an empty table and seat before placing an order, only two people can sit at a table to maintain the 1-metre rule. Once all the seats are taken inside then the club will be deemed full and further admittance will be on a one in – one out basis. Seating is available in the main bar and Bridget Hill Suite.

Nobody can stand at the bar or the area within 1 metre as defined by the carpet edging. This is a requirement and provides the proper protection to staff.

Outside seating at the front of the club is available (solely for members) members can drink outside but glasses once taken outside cannot be brought back into the club. There will be a maximum of four persons at any single large outside table.


Drink order

Having found a table and seat members can now place an order at the bar. Drink orders can only be placed at the far end of the bar (closest to the cellar/large tv). The area is large enough for three people maximum to queue whilst maintaining a safe social distance.

The bar staff will take the order and place the drinks at the other end of the bar for collection (which is where the card machine is located). Members collect their drinks and return to their table.

If seating as a group only one person from the group can attend the bar.


Outside drinking

Members wishing to drink outside will enter, order, and collect their drinks at the bar as described above. Once the glass has been taken outside then the drink must be consumed entirely outside. The empty glass can then be placed on a designated and identified table outside. A member of staff will collect the glasses and they will go directly into the washing machine. The use of plastic disposable glasses will be encouraged and may be compulsory at times at the discretion of bar staff.



We would encourage the use of card payments wherever possible to reduce potential cross-contamination risks.



The smoking shelter has been refurbished and members are welcome to use it but hands must be cleansed and sanitised when re-entering the club.



The toilets in the club are relatively small but adequate for the premises. Both the Ladies and Gentlemen’s toilets are of sufficient size with the 1-metre social distancing rule to allow two persons to simultaneously use the facilities.

The toilets are always cleaned daily and now will have an increased cleaning schedule implemented. Hand washing is paramount for all persons in the club premises.


Pool Table

The nature of the game lends itself to social distancing and the pool table will be in use for adults only. To reduce the use of money the pool table will be free during this period. We would ask members to be considerate in the use of the table and ensure that all members are afforded the opportunity to use the table. Drinks cannot be consumed at the pool table.


Opening Hours

The initial opening hours (subject to change)

Monday – Thursday                  1500 – 1900

Friday                                        1500 – 2100

Saturday                                    1400 – 2000

Sunday                                      1400 – 1800

The opening hours will be subject to weekly review.


We are extremely pleased that we have the opportunity of opening the club again and wish to welcome everyone back to a safe and enjoyable environment. It is vital that we all follow the guidance to keep us all safe and virus free.

We appreciate that initially some of this guidance may take some getting used to but we ask for the help of the members and your patience particularly to the bar staff who will be trying their best to work to new rules.

This will work if we all show some patience and common sense. The guidance published here is not trying to cover every eventuality but demonstrate to you all that the club is safe, and you can enjoy some company and a drink.